Planning a family or friends get together for the holidays?
Order your Mexican style Thanksgiving dinner from Tequilas.
Featuring your choice of
an entree plus 2 delicious side dishes and a dessert.

Here are the Chefs' menu selections:

Entree Options

  • Pavo en Mole Tapatio: Roasted turkey in a traditional tapatio mole (from Guadalajara), served with rice & potato puree.

  • Birria de Res: Tender beef brisket prepared in its own juices, served on 3 corn tortillas, alongside its consumme.

  • Chiles Rellenos: A pair of poblano peppers stuffed with red quinoa and grilled vegetables, topped with a mild pesto sauce.

  • Ensalada Frutal: A mixture of spring mix, kiwi, pear, orange, apple, beets with sprinkles of amaranth, in a strawberry dressing.
  • Pozole Blanco: An exquisite hearty hominy soup with pork tenderloin bites, accompanied by tostadas, radish, romaine & lime wedges.

    Side Dishes

  • Pure de Papa: potato puree infused with corn and chihuahua cheese.
  • Calabazas Tatemadas: grilled zucchini with a touch of chiles.
  • Chileatole: thick broth from corn dough with corn kernels and poblano strips.
  • Guacamole: plain or infused with ricotta cheese and chipotle.
  • Carne Molida: a beef mix that features bacon, shitake mushrooms, olives, raisins, fruit and almonds.


  • Crepas Rellenas: crepe stuffed with pumpkin, with a sugar glaze, cactus marmalade and sprinkles of corn tortilla.

  • Tres Leches: a vanilla sponge cake bathed in three milk sauce, (very traditional).

    This dinner is $25. per person and can be ordered online or by phone.

    Orders must be placed by 5pm on November 25, 2020.

    A copy of this menu can be downloaded here >> Thanksgiving Feast

    Please note: call us at 215.546.0181 about your ETA
    if walking over please enter
    on the Locust Street side,
    if you're driving, pull up on Latimer Street and
    we will bring your food out to you SAFELY.
    (SORRY: Tequila & Mezcal are not available for pickup or delivery)



    As you know, the rising concerns surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) have impacted our lives in many ways. The safety of our customers and staff is still a big priority. Our meticulous kitchen practices will ensure that the food being served is prepared with exemplary cleanliness and protection, while maintaining the authentic flavors that you have come to expect and love. With this in mind and for your own safety and comfort:

  • we offer curbside pickup no need to get out of your car and have contact with others simply pull up on Latimer Street and will safely bring your feast to you
  • this special menu features items that we deem will 'travel well'
  • cash payments will not be accepted
  • credit card payments will be taken by phone or online at the time of your order
  • if you are not driving you may pickup at the front door
  • if you prefer you can order delivery directly from us, Doordash, Caviar or Uber Eats