Entremeses - Appetizers

Taquitos de Pollo

Flauta/flute.  This light and delicious appetizer consists of two very light corn tortillas filled with chicken and covered with traditional red sauce and fresh cream.


Handmade corn tortillas, filled with the freshest ingredients selected each day by our chef.

 Sopas/Ensaladas - Soups/Salads

Sopa de Tortilla

Probably the most popular Mexican soup.  A perfect combination of chiles, tomato, epazote and tortilla.  Served with or without chicken.

Crema Conde

A classic cream of black beans served with bacon, queso fresco, onion and croutons.

Ensalada Cesar

A dish like many other dishes that originated in a country with which it is not associated. Romaine tossed with anchovies, eggs and grated cheese.

 Mexican Lunch Traditionals

Omelete De Chorizo
vegetarian option

Three egg omelette filled with potatoes and chorizo (mexican sausage)

Huevos Rancheros
vegetarian option

Two sunny side up eggs over a corn tortilla with a ranchera sause made of tomatoes, onions and serrano peppers, served with beans and rice

vegetarian option

Two enchiladas stuffed with chicken or cheese (your choice), covered with our traditional red or famous mole sauce.  This national pride is garnished with beans and rice and covered with chihuahua cheese.

vegetarian option

Fried corn tortillas covered in tomatillo sauce with fresh cream, served with or without chicken

  Postres - Dessert

Tres Leches

Vanilla sponge cake with sliced almonds, dipped in a tasty three-milk sauce.


The traditional crème caramel custard..