Entremeses - Appetizers


Handmade corn tortillas, filled with the freshest ingredients selected each day by our chef.

Sopa de Tortilla

Probably the most popular Mexican soup.  A perfect combination of chiles, tomato, epazote and tortilla.  Served with or without chicken.

 Platos Fuerte - Main Course

Mar Y Tierra

Surf n’Turf mexican style, where tequila, is fused with chile de arbol, a little butter, garlic and lime juice, then poured over grilled jumbo shrimp which is accompanied by a fabulous filet mignon spiked with serrano peppers, placed over a bed of cactus and a tropical tamarind sauce

Enchiladas Playa
vegetarian option

Flour tortillas stuffed with crabmeat and shrimp, served with sauces made of creamy poblano and chipotle peppers

Pescado al Mango
vegetarian option

A rare mixture of the fresh fish of the day, lightly breaded, grilled, stuffed with guacamole, seductively paired with a mango and ginger sauce.

Cochinita Pibil

Fresh tender pork marinated in achiote, citrus and Mexican herbs, baked and served on a banana leaf, accompanied by fried plantains rice and refried beans.

  Postres - Dessert

Tres Leches

Vanilla sponge cake with sliced almonds, dipped in a tasty three-milk sauce.


The traditional crème caramel custard..