In our history (over 30 years), the menu hasn't changed much at all. But the taste & flavors have evolved alongside more traditional ingredients that are readily available here in the U.S.


Jumbo prawns are butterflied and grilled, smothered in a sauce of garlic, butter, lime, arbol pepper and siembra valles tequila, served with rice and steamed vegetables


Beef tenderloin medallion spiked with serrano peppers, over a tropical tasty tamarind sauce, alongside a bed of cactus, rice and guacamole


Pacific coast dish which features deep fried jumbo shrimp stuffed with chihuahua cheese, wrapped with bacon, served with rice and steamed vegetables


An appetizer favorite dish that will seduce even the most demanding palate. Handmade corn pockets filled with the freshest ingredients, chosen daily by our chef