South Of The Rio $7
leblon cachaça infused with jalapeño,  
agave nectar, cucumber &  fresh lime juice
Roses Margarita $9
siembra azul blanco infused with rose petals,
fresh lime juice st. germain and rose petals
Premium Margarita $8
siembra azul blanco, combier, agave nectar
fresh lime juice and rimmed with cactus salt
Brent Celek's Margarita $8
siembra azul blanco, veev, fresh lime,
licor 43 & agave nectar
Short Rib $9
siembra azul blanco infused with jalapeño, 
fresh lime juice & pomegranate molasses
Coco Loco $9
coconut infused siembra valles blanco,
canton ginger liquor, pineapple juice 
sugar cane syrup and fresh lime juice
Margarita Diablo $8
siembra azul reposado, crème de cassis, lime,
orange juice, ginger syrup & canela salt
Mexipolitan $8
siembra azul blanco tequila, pomegranate juice, 
cointreau, pineapple juice & fresh lime juice
Mojito Verde $8
siembra azul blanco, cucmber juice, basil 
leaves, st. germain, agave nectar & lime juice
Margarita Roja $8
siembra azul blanco tequila, crème yvette, 
agave nectar & fresh lime juice, rimmed 
with hibiscus salt
Brazilian Punch $9
siembra azul tequila reposado, veev, cloves,
fresh lime, pomegranate, pineapple &  orange
juices, cinnamon and ginger syrup, rimmed
with açai salt
Traditional Margarita or Sangria $6
Don't Drink And Drive!
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