Enchiladas Rojas or Mole $13
Two enchiladas stuffed with chicken or cheese
covered with our mole or traditional red sauce.
This national pride is garnished with beans 
and rice and covered with chihuahua cheese.
Mole Poblano $17
In the city of Puebla, several convents were
active in creating much of the traditional
Mexican cooking, as we know it today. One
such convent was expecting a visit by a very
distinguished archbishop.  A nun decided to
serve a sauce known by the Nahuatl Indians
as "mulli".  However "mulli" is a potpourri
of hot chiles. Knowing that the holy man was
not accustomed to spicy dishes, so she took
on the task of adding balance to counteract
the chiles: chile ancho, dorado bread, tomato,
cloves, bitter chocolate, poblano, peanuts
sugar, almonds, chile guajillo, fried tortillas,
chalaca, carrots and garlic. Creating a very
truly rich and complex sauce. Served over 
a succulent chicken breast with rice & beans.
Sabana Invierno de Pollo $17
A chicken breast pounded and covered with
refried beans and melted chihuahua cheese,
surrounded with an exquisite tomatillo sauce.
Cochinita Pibil $19
Fresh tender pork marinated in achiote, citrus
and Mexican herbs baked and served on a
banana leaf, accompanied by fried plantains.
Enchiladas Playa $19
A pair of flour tortillas stuffed with lobster,
shrimp & crabmeat, topped with melted
chihuahua cheese, smothered with poblano
and chipotle sauce. A side of rice & vegetables.
Medallones Xochimilco $20
Beef tenderloin marinated in pesto, served 
on an oblong corn bed (resembling a sandal)
layered with beans, oaxaca cheese and
huitlacoche, over a two pepper sauce
Desserts - for your sweet tooth - $6.