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About Tequilas Restaurant

Our Journey began in 1986, at 1511 Locust Street.
David Suro, a native of Guadalajara, grew up near agave fields in the state of Jalisco. This is where he went to school with the children of agave farmers and tequila producers. He met his wife Annette in Cancun and moved with her back to Philadelphia while working at El Metate, the only Mexican restaurant in town (back in the day). Within a year they bought out the owner and renamed the restaurant

In 2001 we moved to this beautiful historic location in rittenhouse square. Which features amazing craftsmanship both in the interior and the exterior design of the building.

For our 35th Anniversary we have given the interior a well deserved facelift.




From the beginning, this restaurant's mission has been to dispel misunderstandings about our Mexican Culture. El Catrin, a little known part of our history, is a symbol of victory, a caricature, a celebration, revealing a willingness to laugh at ourselves. The artist; Clemente Orozco Farias, captured the faces that represent our recent past with a keen eye for satire and humor. There they all are, Salinas De Gortari, the church, NAFTA, the bishop wearing an artichoke crown, etc... We are proud to display his artistry in our lobby, contributing to a better understanding of our culture. Introducing the Catrines that greet our guests, delighting and perhaps shocking their eyes, before we please their palates with the best Mexican Cuisine. Our home is just like Mexico, full of color, varied textures and surprise encounters. Providing a Glorious and unforgettable experience from beginning to end.