Oris Robertson 1937 - 2002

Oris Trigue Robertson, Jr. born 1937 in Presidio, Texas. Robertson earned his degree in fine arts in 1968 at the University of Houston. He studied commercial art at Texas Southmost College and the San Francisco Art Institute. After finishing his military service in 1963 Oris dedicated the rest of his life to doing art. In 1970 Robertson moved back to Mexico to get his artistic motivation going. First stop was Puerto Vallarta where the subject of his paintings were fish and boys riding their bikes.

He moved to Guadalajara and developed a unique genre of painting that have come to be some of his most appreciated works. His depictions of offerings and altars for the dead often combined images of saints, colorful tapestries, ceramics, trinkets and floral arrangements.

Robertson was quoted as saying: "Mexico has given me the best gift life can bring: it has let me be myself".

This great artist died in 2002 back at his home in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Enjoy our gallery tribute To Oris Roberston.

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