"THE INTERIOR (cont...)"

A big part of the showcase at Tequilas is the plateware. These incredible fine pieces of pottery come from Tlaquepaque in Jalisco, México. The process begins with clay which is specially formulated to become durable stoneware. The pieces are hand-decorated by skilled craftspersons and then signed with a personal mark (usually an image of an animal).

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Throughout the dining rooms you will notice copper vases and lamps on most of the tables. And when the water is brought over, it arrives in beautiful handcarved copper pitchers.
These copper artifacts represent the excellent craftsmanship that is found in Santa Clara del Cobre, a town in Michoacán, Mexico.
The people of this town which was founded in 1521 have been working with copper since the pre-hispanic era.

Most of the town's population is employed in the making of copper items. Some publications have referred to the coppersmiths in Santa Clara del Cobre as "Lords Of The Hammer" (Los Señores del Maltillo), others have written articles like "Santa Clara, where copper becomes Art" ("Santa Clara, donde el Cobre se hace Arte").

Also on the tables are hand blown cobalt blue rimmed glasses. Though hand blown glass techniques were developed during the 1st century at the time of the Roman Empire, by the 17th century it was being done worldwide. It wasn't until the 1960's that art of studio blown glass gained it's popularity. Our glassware is supplied to us by Aztecas Design and although they are located in Spring Valley, CA, all their production is exported from Mexico and shipped to El Cajon, CA.

In our next segment "we will continue to explore the Art Work" in the restaurant.