Tequilas is a showcase of both culinary and beautiful artifacts. Most of the artwork featured derives from Mexico. But one stand out that is certainly not from Mexico is the beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of the bar.

Crystal Chandeliers made their appearance in the 18th century. It is rumoured that the chandelier was donated to the owners of the house by Joseph Bonaparte, older brother of Napoleon, also former king of Naples, Sicily and Spain. The chandelier was brought to the house by the Dulles family in the 1900's after the erection and add on of 1602 Locust Street.

In the main dining room (back of the restaurant) along the wall are "The Masks". These particular masks are indicative of the 'Dance of the Catrines' and are mostly found in the central states of Mexico like Michoacan, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Morelia, etc...

Masks are amazing pieces of Mexican folk art which have always played an important part in Mexican culture. They are used for rituals and many types of ceremonies.

Many types of masks can be viewed at The Mask Monger

In our next segment "we will continue to explore the interior" of the restaurant.