As you walk into Tequilas you can't help but noticed the beautifully decorated murals and the constellation on the ceiling. Once inside the gorgeous wood-work and the crystal chandellier attracts your attention. Nested inside the corrider walls you'll find paintings. In part one of the Artwork we will discuss some of the paintings meanings and examine the artists responsible for these excellent pictures.

The murals as you enter the establishment seem a little scary, but, also fascinating. They represent a rebellion during a unique chapter in Mexican history.

The artist 'Clemente Orozco Farias' (grandson of the famous Josť Clemente Orozco), recreated "Los Catrines", as symbols to help better understand our Mexican culture. Learn more about Orozco's murals.

More of Orozco's work is featured in the main dining room. The images depicted in these represent two distinct point of views about rural Mexico. While one of the images shows the concept of pastoral life, the other pits a countryside against the harsh realities of exploitation in the agricultural industry. As an added bonus to represent the future, the owner's kids (at their current ages when the painting was being created) were also engraved into the one mural.

Located in the bar area directly over the fireplace is a painting by the late Oris Robertson (1937-2002). He passed away shortly before his 65th birthday.

Oris was a native of Texas who spent a good part of his life in Guadalajara. To learn more about Oris Robertson >>> click here <<<.

In our next segment "we will continue to explore the Artwork" in the restaurant.